Commercial Cleaning

In Commercial Cleaning category, we offer the following services:

  • Regular cleaning of offices and commercial sites
  • Dental and medical centres
  • Office and Factory Cleaning
  • Commercial and Industrial Cleaning
  • Educational institutions (Child care/schools)
  • Old age care
  • Sporting clubs
  • Janitorial maintenance

It is very important to create and maintain a professional image and healthy working environment to impressing clients and improving morale among your employees. Our office cleaning services will provide your business with a worry-free and efficient way of maintaining a professional and friendly atmosphere day after day and our office cleaning services are always designed around your company’s particular janitorial needs.


This service may include Office/ Factory cleaning and Janitorial maintenance.

We offer the following commercial janitorial cleaning services

  • Clean and dust all horizontal surfaces and blinds
  • Dust furniture, light fixtures, desks, and computers
  • Vacuum all carpet surfaces and rugs
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of floors
  • Entrance, reception area, and foyer cleaning
  • Clean front door and interior windows
  • Cleaning of light fixtures and baseboards
  • Stair and elevator cleaning
  • Wipe and disinfect common using areas such as doorknobs, telephones, and light switches
  • Cleaning kitchen and lounge area that include: Sinks, countertops, microwaves, toasters, ovens, and refrigerators
  • Trash gathering, collection, and removal
  • Change garbage bags and then place it in the disposal area.

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